There’s Praxis and Then There’s (PR)AXIS. The Difference?

Well, let’s start with you. Anytime you take in experiences from your surroundings, formulate thoughts based on those experiences and concretize ideas, form ideologies—whether political, religious, social, cultural or whatever, even related to your favorite sports team—and then you take action based upon these ideas, that process is embodied in praxis.

The term, itself, refers to the action or practice through which a theory or philosophy of something is transformed into the practical activity of that thing. In other words, it’s the point of intersection that exists between theory and action. And as you can see from above, it’s woven into our everyday lives.

DRA is certainly not the first public relations and marketing collective to employ a framework of praxis to elevate our work—and we won’t be the last. But overwhelmingly, praxis is engaged on a subconscious level, increasing the risk that we ignore its importance to the success of a project, altogether.

PR(AXIS) is our spin on praxis. Spoken as the “PR axis,” PR(AXIS) entails that the functions of public relations—as we experience them and as they are communicated to and through our clients—exist in dynamic relation to one another, envisioned on an axis that enables their combination and recombination. This relationship provides a unique degree of agility, made possible by the inherent democratic nature of the collective.

PR(AXIS) allows DRA Collective to stay finely attuned to environmental factors influencing our clients’ needs, imbues our work with worldly consciousness, creates context and builds foundation for new conversations, and frees us from traditional ways of thinking. PR(AXIS) encourages exploration—fields of knowledge, places of intellectual exchange and cultural interaction—uncovering new pathways to elevate the profiles of our clients.

Now look at your marketing tool kit and ask the question, where could PR(AXIS) take me?