Someone once wrote that, "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, thinking what nobody has thought."

Research and "discovery" are foundational to great PR.

The Collective is able to capture your story and communicate its importance by engaging in processes of discovery forged three decades of working with industry leaders, community influencers, and others who inspire us to achieve great things through our marketing and outreach.

Our deep roots in the community provide us with unparalleled access to insights and sources of information. Our commitment to research is a commitment to authenticity that is reflected in the standards we set for ourselves and for our clients. 

When we look at measurement, it can be tempting to dive into a pool of data. But we cut right to the chase, prioritizing quality over quantity and dialing down to the key metrics that matter most and deliver timely analysis to inform and enhance critical decision-making.

While we don't like to play favorites but here's a great example...

New Pathways for Youth is a nonprofit organization strengthening Phoenix communities through transformative one-to-one mentoring programs for at-risk youth.

We have worked with New Pathways to elevate their marketing and outreach efforts. Choosing the appropriate strategy and taking accurate measurements plays an important role in ensuring that the actions taken by New Pathways leadership engage their audience and does so efficiently. 

In our first five months working with New Pathways, DRA increased social media engagement three-fold, raised general media awareness, and launched multiple giving societies at multiple levels, informed by impact research. Our work and the process of discovery informing it has enabled New Pathways to develop more intentional relationships with their supporters.