Conversations with Phoenix: Christy Moore

Christy Moore is President and CEO of Valley Leadership, the Valley's premier leadership organization. Here she shares her thoughts on leadership in 2016, trends, what's changed over the years and a favorite recent moment.


What leadership trends/issues do you see coming to shape in 2016?

The three issues that come to mind are retaining top talent in Arizona, expanding our market and integrating innovation and technology into our multigenerational leadership programming.


Valley Leadership has built a significant legacy in the Valley. What has changed over the years and what has stayed the same?

Our roots extend back to the 1970s when a group of local visionaries recognized the need to identify and develop the next generation of leadership. Almost 40 years later, this vision has produced nearly 3,000 VL alumni, all of whom possess the skills and the passion to take action—to do more and be more for the state of Arizona.

The face of leadership is changing as our society's needs change. Today, an abundance of Arizonans are leading where they live, work, play and pray. As we embrace the diversity in our communities, the number of leaders increase and their impact expands.

In the Valley, what's always stayed consistent is the notion that if you show up to serve and do good, there will never be a shortage of opportunities to advance your passions.


Share one of your favorite recent moments in leadership.

In February, Valley Leadership announced a new program designed for high-potential leaders. Leadership Advance, as it's known, is for individuals either new to Arizona or new to civic engagement who want to understand where we've been and where we're going as a state, who is leading the charge and how to plug in.

We anticipate Valley Leadership Advance to produce similar retention results as our flagship program, Valley Leadership Institute. By expanding our market, we're increasing our impact and keeping top, young talent in AZ!