We're taking public relations back to its roots.

Since our founding, PR has undergone a remarkable evolution.

Communicating a message and telling your story used to mean participating in a one-way, top-down exercise, casting a line and hoping for a bite. 

Today the world is one big conversation--social networks and local media, op-ed's and blogs, experiences and events that define who we are and propel us in the direction of who we want to be. 

The fluidity of this exchange of ideas means the elements that make up PR are no longer compartmentalized, no longer sealed off from one another. We picture them on an axis--dynamic, potent and interconnected--because great storytelling exists at the intersection of tremendous ideas and thoughtful action.

The game may have changed but the building blocks of a great story remain the same. And that's where we come in.

For more than 30 years, DRA has told Arizona's story.

Every angle, every audience, across every platform and in every venue--we're the 48th state's greatest storytellers, and we're eager to tell the world your story.

Explore below to see how we can tell your story together.